Nature Tech Solutions may hold the key to flus and viruses


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* When using on Meat, Poultry, and Fish products dilute 3:1 ratio with tap water

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With the widespread flu epidemic in the nation, a Lancaster Pennsylvania company has a solution for the virus.


Roman Fyk of NatureTech Solutions, Inc. based in Lancaster Pennsylvania produces machines that create a solution that can eradicate the flu. The solution made in the machines is hypochlorous acid (HOCl). This is the same product that the human immune system uses to kill bacteria and viruses, but on a larger scale.
The solution has been shown to destroy the H3N2 virus 100% in less than a minute in a study conducted by Penn State University (“Evaluation of the "Anolyte Water" or "Neutral Electrolyzed Water" Disinfectant Solution on Inactivation of Avian Influenza Virus and Other Avian
” By:


Dr. Huaguang Lu, Avian Virologist, Senior Res arch Associate


Head of Avian Virology Section Animal Diagnostic Laboratory


Department of Veterinary and Biomedical Sciences


The Pennsylvania State University




The generators are available to the public, and are simple to use. The solution can be safely sprayed on common surfaces to prevent further spread of the virus. The solution can also be used in a cold fogger or cold sonic vaporizer in occupied rooms to mitigate the virus.


The generator, known as the GEN-X-3 ™, uses tap water, electric, and a food based additive to create hypochlorous
acid. The solution is non-hazardous and safe for human contact. It can be used in the home, office, or classroom to sanitize and disinfect.



NatureTech Solutions to Showcase GEN-X-3™ A Powerful Chem-Free Weapon Against Foodborne Illness:

LANCASTER, PA - Foodservice operations must fend off a continuous onslaught of potentially harmful germs and bacteria.


Restaurants, deli's and other foodservice operations must be ever diligent to keep food preparation and serving areas thoroughly sanitized and disinfected to prevent potentially deadly outbreaks from such bacteria as salmonella and E-coli. Even a minor outbreak can mean closure, lawsuits, and/or irreparable damage to a restaurant's reputation.

NatureTech's GEN-X-3TM is the optimum sanitizing and disinfecting system for restaurant and foodservice operators... a chemical-free system that increases their food safety, reduces their operating costs, and communicates their commitment to innovative, eco-friendly practices.

The GEN-X-3TM system was showcased at the 2013 NRA Show—Chicago May 18-21. The unit consists of a compact base station/charger, a handheld spray unit and a container of food-grade catalyst. Using only tap water and a small scoop of catalyst, the solution is activated by a small charge of electricity and generates a chemical-free sanitizing/disinfecting solution that is 80-200 times more powerful than chlorine, yet completely food-safe. The container of catalyst creates up to 160 refills.

Using the convenient and economical GEN-X-3TM system to spray down food prep, dining, and even bathroom areas, restaurant and foodservice operators can now kill bacteria, viruses, fungi and foodborne contaminants without the expense, health hazards and bulky packaging associated with chemically based cleaning products. Best yet, users generate their own non-toxic sanitization solution on-site, on demand.

GEN-X-3TM – Highly Effective Foodservice Sanitization & Disinfectant

Using the convenient, hand-held GEN-X-3TM spray applicator, employees and crew members can kill such dangerous microbes as E-coli, Salmonella, Listeria and Noro Virus from their workplace almost immediately. See an expanded list of pathogens at under “Technology”; sub-category, “Efficacy”.

The powerful solution produced by the GEN-X-3TM system is dual-action, performing both as an effective sanitizer and as a thorough disinfectant. As a sanitizer, the GEN-X-3TM solution reduces germs from surfaces to an acceptable, safe level. As a disinfectant, the GEN-X-3TM solution destroys or inactivates germs, viruses, spores, and fungi and inhibits re-growth.

Additional benefits include:

· The GEN-X-3TM system is safe for customers & most fabrics/surfaces

· The GEN-X-3TM reduces sanitizing/disinfecting costs

· The GEN-X-3TM system is environmentally friendly

· The GEN-X-3TM system is 100% chemical-free

GEN-X-3TM -- The Secret Weapon in the War on Germs

NatureTech's GEN-X-3TM sanitizing/disinfecting solution producing mini-generator is truly a revolutionary innovation for restaurant & foodservice operators…the handheld unit is compact and portable for direct application…and relieves small businesses from the high costs, health risks and ecological damage associated with chemically-based sanitizers and disinfectants.

This system unburdens small enterprises from the need to purchase separate sanitizing and disinfecting products for kitchen, bathroom and general uses and, further, unburdens those with limited space from needless storage of toxic chemicals and/or disposal of hazardous waste.

The GEN-X-3TM provides a marketing advantage, enhancing the user's reputation for implementing green, eco-friendly practices for customers and employees.

Most importantly, it's designed to protect restaurant patrons from many invisible threats by killing infection-causing bacteria, viruses, fungi and spores without the expense and health hazards related to chemically-based cleaning products.


NTS 5000 NTS 5000


Model NTS-5000 wall mount unit will also be featured at the NRA Show—Booth 8228. This machine provides up to 60+ gallons of sanitizer / disinfectant per hour to support a foodservice, education office or professional application. Its compact wall mounted design provides easy installation in even the most limited spaces like foodservice kitchens and janitor closets.

About NatureTech Solutions (NTS)

Based in Lancaster, PA, NatureTech Solutions (NTS) manufactures and distributes a variety of machines that produce powerful chemical-free sanitizing, disinfecting and cleaning solutions on-site and on-demand. The scalable NatureTech Solutions product line has a model for every foodservice operation, regardless of size. Models include the 13.5 oz. GEN-X-3™ system (the world's smallest handheld mini-generator) as well as wall-mount, table top, and floor units that, respectively, produce anywhere up to 16 - 400 gallons per hour.

While environmentally friendly to humans and animals, NTS systems produce chemical-free solutions that are 80 - 200 times more powerful than chlorine.


For additional information, interview opportunities, or to learn more about the GEN-X-3TM system, visit our website at or contact Shane Louthian 717-668-0833 / or NatureTech Solutions, Inc. 717-394-2275 / .

About Nature Tech Solutions (NTS):

NatureTech Solutions, Inc. (NTS) manufactures & distributes a variety of machines to self-generate the world’s strongest, chemical-free sanitizing/disinfecting/cleaning solution on-site, on demand. Sizes for every need include the two most popular for multi-purpose use: the economical and portable handheld GEN-X-3 TM (a rechargeable mini-generator) and the larger capacity, space-saving wall-mount unit. Learn more at and

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Phone: 717 394-2275

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